Best Chef Knife Review

The Chef Knife That All Must Have!

A chef knife is a basic knife used for various tasks ranging from cutting vegetables to raw meat, so having one is essential for any kitchen, whether it is your home or your restaurant. If you just moved into a new house and need to buy kitchen supplies or simply get a new one because the old one broke or got dull, you’ll need to do a proper research on the type of knife that fits your criteria. However, if you are looking for an all-rounder knife which will cut, slice and dice any type of food, then the ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four-Star Kitchen Knife is for you!

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Four-Star Kitchen Knife:

Best Chef Knife

About the manufacturer:

This knife is made by a German company called J.A. Henckels. Founded in 1731, this company is one of the oldest and most famous manufacturers in kitchen knife, scissor and cookware business. The company is widely regarded because of the quality and ergonomics of its knives and its well-renowned reputation, making its creations a perfect choice for the empty space in your kitchen.

About the knife:

The knife is one of the most top-rated knives, and is constantly featured in famous cooking magazines. It is a part of the Four Star Series introduced in 1976, which consisted of four knives made with extreme detail and in the presence and close observation of world famous chefs, which resulted in forged knives with molded handles. Since then, this knife is part of the inner circle of both famous chefs and regular cooks.


The blade measures up to 8 inches in length, with a handle measuring 2 inches. The size is perfect for cutting large and tough food materials. The blade is made of high quality Carbon Steel, further ice-hardened to increase durability and strength. The handle is made of pure molded polypropylene, which is comfortable and easy to grip, while maintaining full control on the knife. The knife is safe to use in the dishwasher, saving both your time and your effort, and resulting in better sanitary conditions. The knife also comes with a lifetime warranty for replacement.


The blade requires very frequent sharpening, and gets dull fairly quickly. One must sharpen the blade at least twice a week. The tip of the blade is a little weak, and can chip if brute force is applied. The blade is a thinner than regular knives of competitor companies.

Final Verdict:

The knife is very good considering its price and is perfect for people who want a durable and comfortable-to-grip knife, but is a little disappointing for those that bought it in the 90’s as the quality got inferior from the previous years. Still, it is better than many knives out there in terms of quality and design. Try it out today!

Kitchen Knife Review

Review The Best All-Rounder Knife For Your Kitchen Needs

A knife is a basic essential for every kitchen, whether it’s yours or of a famous chef in Hell’s Kitchen. Getting a good one is very important as a knife is the workhouse of your kitchen. If you’re getting one, there are a lot of knife making companies, and which one is best for you is important. So, I have written this article today to review the best all-rounder knife for your kitchen needs, whether you’re a vegan or a meat lover. So, the title goes to:

Messermeister Meridian Elite 9-Inch Chef Knife

Messermeister Meridian Elite 9-Inch Chef Knife


Who made it?

As the name sounds, the knife is crafted by the German company Messermeister, who don’t operate on a large scale like Wusthof or J.A. Henckels, but have their own charm in their manufactured products. They are widely regarded as one of the best companies in terms of blade quality, and are revered for their creations because of the implementation of both accessibility and professional qualities.

About the knife

The knife is part of the Meridian Elite series, which is part of the biggest and most famous line of knives, and is forged in Germany in their main production centre. But where it is made doesn’t matter as long it works well, and that brings us to our next question, is it worth it? Well, for that, we’ll have to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the product, so, that’ll be the next thing we’ll do!

The good things

The knife has a ‘POM’ (polyoxymethylene) handle, and is coupled with triple-rivet tangs, which gives better control over the blade and allows more elaborate cuts. The blade is made of German carbon stainless alloy, which is very rare for chef knives, and has a razor sharp drop point so you can cut large amounts of vegetables and fruits without getting your hands tired. The lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects gives a better peace of mind that all mishaps are covered in the Knife for Life guarantee. The line of the knife is hot-drop hammer forged and is cooled to get a hardness of Rockwell of 57-58.

The bad things

Although the knife is sharp, it requires frequent maintenance and sharpening to keep the quality intact. The knife is a little bit heavy than others of the same kind because of the use of alloy and the POM handle, and is not suitable for chefs who cut their food quickly.


In a nutshell, this knife is perfect for all your kitchen tasks, with its blade and quality standing out from the rest of the crowd, but is not recommended for people who prefer lighter knives, as the weight is greater than others of the same kind.