Top 5 must try foods!

Top 5 foods that must be try in Malaysia

Do you know that Malaysia is one of the country that is a food galore! For a foodie like me, and living in Malaysia on the other hand is like heaven. As Malaysians, we are very much lucky to stay in a multiracial country as we get to explore and have a taste of the many different types of food that exists in our country. From cuisines of the Malay, Chinese and Indians, everything can be easily gotten. Here are 5 must try food when you are in Malaysia.

banana leaf rice

satay banana leaf rice nasi lemak

1- Banana Leaf Rice.
The Banana Leaf Rice is one of the greatest South Indian Cuisine. This type of cuisine is usually done during festivals or functions. But we being the lucky ones, we can get to eat banana leaf cuisine in a daily basis here in Malaysia. The banana leaf rice is white rice served on banana leaf with different types of vegetables, curry, meat and most importantly the papadam. When you eat the rice on the banana leaf, it simply gives you that rare and one of a kind feeling. If you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, if you love rice, then you will definitely love the banana leaf rice.
2- Bakuteh.
The Bakuteh is actually a translation for the name meat bone tea which is pork fat ribs which is simmered in a broth of spices and herbs like cinnamon, cloves, garlic and many more of your choice, for about a day or so. You can add in other ingredients like mushrooms, vegetables or tofu. Anything that you like actually!

3- Nasi Lemak.
If you are a Malaysian or if you plan on visiting Malaysia someday, then the Nasi Lemak is a must have! Nasi Lemak simply means rice in cream. Not just any other cream, but coconut cream. The white rice is soaked and then steamed in the coconut cream. Once that is done, the rice is then wrapped in the banana leaf or it is also served on a plate, alongside a few other ingredients. The nasi lemak is served with a hot and spicy sauce or in other words sambal and together with hard-boiled eggs, slices of cucumber and small dried anchovies @ ikan bilis and roasted peanuts. Trust me on this, 1 pack of Nasi Lemak is never enough!
4- Nasi Kandar.
If you are a rice lover like me, then this is a dish you will never want to miss. Nasi Kandar is a popular Malaysian food that originated from Penang. It consists of steamed rice and accompanied by dishes like the fried chicken, curried mutton, fish, prawns, squid and many more. After choosing which side dish you want, a mixture of curry sauces is then poured on the rice. Once the curry soaks into the rice, and when you start eating it, the aroma and taste is just to die for.
5- Satay.
The satay can be categorised as one of the best appetizer, dessert, or even just snacks. The satay is actually meat on stick which is cooked over BBQ. This dish comes together with its sauce, which is the peanut sauce dip or you can even call it the peanut gravy and also with sliced onions and cucumbers. Simple, yet heavenly delicious.

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